UX / UI Design

Samples of ux design and process as well as UI design for a both military simulation gaming and app design.

  • For UX design for mobile apps and software

I was hired on at Slide as an art director and they were acquired by Google. At Google I was a Staff Manager, the Google equivalent of an art director. I managed a team of 18 designers. We worked on social games, social apps and eventually on visual design at Youtube.

I worked on a variety of on-boarding page designs for the app Pool Party.

User flow mock ups for a social messaging app.

user interface mock ups for social networking app.

At The Broth I worked on a simple fart app. This was back when Fart Apps still made money.

I worked closely with the developers on art style and layout for this fart simulator game on iphone.

This is a sampling of some of the UX work that I have done both in simulation gaming and in app design.