At Blue Shell Games as the art director on these projects my role was to work directly with in house artists to ensure the art met with product goals and embodied elements of what makes land based casino games so successful. We had tight turn around times often completing and entire slot machine’s art in 4 weeks or less. I would provide high level feedback initially and then work with them to refine the details to make sure everything had the right mix of contrast, saturation and visual hierarchy, all while allowing the artists some influence of their own style. This approach led to having very motivated art teams.

At Blue Shell Games I helped to guide the visual style of the slot machines by working closely with internal and external art teams to achieve quality art in record time. Our newer slot machines were done in a painterly style and were done in under 4 weeks time by a single artist.

These are a few of the games that I worked directly on. These games are still some of the best performing games to date in our slots roster. I had an artist help do the vfx animations for the gem game and some of the character symbols for the mayan game but all other art was done by myself.

These are a variety of games that I worked as a art director on with outsourced art houses. I supervised the projects and made base comps as direction and provided references, feedback and critique in order to arrive at the final quality.

This is a sample page of the art style guide for the “classic” social games styled slot machines. I established rules for doing the vector art to help ensure consistency in style.

I was responsible for a variety of in game marketing art needs. I would also provide feedback for our marketing artist on their work. Each of these were ones that i created as benchmarks for layout and style.

Royal Blue Casino was a mobile casino game. i worked closely with the CEO to define the visual style of the games ui and ux flow. The art for slot machines were done by a third party art house.

Examples of the design explorations that I went through to come to the final games lobby design.

The legend of the copper scrolls. A mobile slot machine game. I worked as lead artist and art manager on this title. I worked alongside a Jr artist and an outsource art company to produce art for the game.

The original piece was done by an outsource artist. I did the final pass paint over and modified the image to fit our needs. This was the final background of the following game screen.

The original piece was done by an outsource artist. I did the final pass paint over and modified the image to fit our needs.

I worked at Slide for 5 weeks as their Art Director and then they were bought by Google. I then continued to manage the same art team on a variety of projects.

I took over management of the super poke pets art as it was already one year into production. I worked with a large team of artists on Super poke pets. I provided art direction, mentoring, and structure for leads, and regular critique meetings. Our artists made themed sets that would be purchased and added to the players world.

I gave art direction on the interface flow for the store and inventory of the onboarding flow.

The foundation of the game was to select a pet, outfit them and pick their habitat. Users could purchase new sets for their pet on a daily basis from the in game store.

At TheBroth I was Art Director and worked with a small team of 5 artists on the following projects. I also did most of the marketing art.

Hoop fever live was a flash based facebook hoop shooting game with a large social aspect of competition.

I worked on the game art and the Ui for the overall game, establishing a clean streamlined look that focused on the basketball and the court.

This is a sample of the shooting process. Users would get a visual indicator in the form of an arc that would represent their trajectory.

I was the art director on Barn Buddy a game that at one point was competing with Farmville. We had a team of 5 artists working on it, producing content for daily releases in the game.

I worked on the first few buildings in this image as a reference for the artists. The rest of the images were done by the 2D artists on the team.

I worked closely with the art team to establish the visual style for how animals would be rendered and animated.

A site mock up that i worked on for the early stages of a Domo facebook game.

At the Broth I worked on a prototype for a space mining combat rpg social game. It didnt get very far in development and was canceled, but you can see some of the preliminary concepts.

2D Art Direction, UX/UI

Mobile and social game art direction and ui/ux design