3D Games & Art

I’ve worked on educational 3d games and some low poly fantasy games and I continue to refine my 3d modeling and texturing skills with zbrush training.

  • Role Art Direction, UI, environment modeling, character modeling, concept art.
  • For Art and art direction for educational computer games

Z brush elephant sculpt and low poly cage.

Zbrush hand model details. In an effort to brush up on my 3d modelling skills I decided to focus on detailed hands.

Low poly grenade model with diffuse map.

I modeled and textured this goblin for an indie game company in Orlando. The goal was to keep it low poly and stylized.

This was a 3d model that I did of a character that would have fit within the same world as the goblin. mid level poly modeling.

I was brought on as an Art Director on the game sing with friends to develop the art in 3d. Halfway through it was cancelled and underwent a revamp from the ground up. I moved on to other projects that never saw the light of day.

I did all of the art in 3d for the prototype render of the home hub menu in the game.

Turn around that I made of the final avatar character in 3d

This was a prototype that I worked on of the singing interface for iphone4

I was Art Director for educational games. I oversaw an art team of 5 artists and worked closely with the Producer to brainstorm game mechanics, as well as supervise art pipeline and project deadlines.

I closely supervised the character creation process. I wanted to infuse a retro 80's cartoon feel for the characters and world.

Responsible for overseeing character art production.

This is a character for conspiracy code that I modeled and textured.

Another character for conspiracy code that I modeled and textured.

This is the third character for conspiracy code that I modeled and textured.

On conspiracy code I did a wide range of things, art managed, critiqued, 3d modeled characters, environments and Ui design as well as marketing art. This scene is a central hub for the game and I worked alongside another artist to refine the cafe, in textures and props as well as lightning.

Our in game world map was an interactive map of the city. I conceptualized the interface modeled and textured it and worked i with the programmers to make sure the selection vfx worked.

City Hall was a room that I modeled, textured and did lighting for.

The security center was another room that I modeled, textured, and did lighting for.

This was one of the rooms in the game that I did the lighting for and worked closely with the artist on the general style of the room.

Another room that I worked on with another artist. I did the lighting and some of the room modeling and texturing.

A sample UI from within the game. We had to emulate the interface of real medical equiptment but within a game space.

A sample screen from the game showing models and environments that I helped to model and texture.