Mobile Game UX/ Design

Samples of mobile games that I worked on doing ux, ui and art direction.

  • For Design process and art direction for mobile games

Blade masters is a mobile rpg-lite game. I wanted to show the art direction process for how I worked on the Ui and game theme. I did all the art and Ui for the game.

Stage 1 is all loose pencil explorations of the general game flow, mechanics, and overall ideas.

I decided that I wanted the game to have a different flavor for each region of the world so I wanted the ui for each region to visually reflect its culture so I experimented with different fantasy looks.

I then wanted to explore one of the main mechanics which is crafting your swords. I needed to determine how they would be broken up. I wanted to stick for fairly realistic rules with sword parts.

Stage 2 is the color rough stage. I start exploring how the swords look.

The game flow mock up stage.

I wanted to explore the concept of player avatars and focus on the concept of the avatar being a female warrior. These were basic ideas of how a player could vary their avatar.

I also wanted to explore how the enemies would look in the game. I wanted them to look like seasoned warriors that you would be excited to fight.

Refinement – At this point I make my decisions on style and implement them in a refinement polish state. By taking on screen and defining the look and feel thoroughly I can then use that to inform the look across the game.

An example of how the sword fighting mechanic could be used with simple finger swipe motions. The Green bar would move and change sizes and speed depending on player powers.

The top left image was programmer art. I then did some ui style variations with rounded corners, we eventually settled on the previous images hard lines style and bright green ui.

This is the final design for a retro styled hacker puzzle pattern game that I was helping an indie developer make. I did all the ui and helped with game design ideas.

This is art and game design ideas for a mobile game that I was going to make when I tried starting a two man game company with a friend.

Death river adventures was an obstacle avoiding casual game where the goal was to collect a chain of animals in the water with an innertube or raft and avoid obstacles all while fighting the current of the river.

This is a close up of the detail that would be seen on an iphone 4 screen.