Visual Design

  • For Variety of Graphic design projects

Site design, branding and illustration for Marko Dojo.

A brochure I worked on for Alto, a climbing gear company that was trying to get off the ground.

I worked on an early version of the Wolfe Rizor website. They are an interior design company based in Florida and wanted to update their web presence with a gallery and updates of their work.

These were site redesign concepts for that I did recently. They were wanting to update their look to feel more modern.

When I first started at Blue Shell Games their website was one page with a paragraph and some game icons. I worked with the CEO to design a new site that matched the look of other start up game companies at the time (2012) Since then site design has had a huge change of style.

This was a pitch proposal for an annual report for a company based in south america.

I worked on a variety of websites when I was at Slide. I did their closing webpage when they were sunsetting their products. I also worked closely with a contract designer on the video in box website, providing critique and direction on style.

These are a variety of logos for various small companies that I worked for doing freelance design over the years.

Final design process for the photovine app icon.